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Donate To Help Long Ears In Need

Together we can feed and house neglected donkeys and mules in need.

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Your monthly gift ensures that each and every animal at SYA gets the care he or she needs.

As many of you know, the costs of running a rescue these days are expensive and climbing. We are facing the need to expand our space so that we can continue to grow while finding creative ways to strengthen your support.

Our monthly giving campaign called ‘Take a Long Ear to Lunch’ is one way you can become directly involved with our organization. By becoming a monthly donor you will have a meaningful impact in the day to day operations by supporting the cost of groceries for our donkey and mule rescues. Funds raised through the lunch program go directly to purchasing hay, grain and supplements for each animal that arrives at our barn.

On any given day we are averaging 10 donkeys and mules which is roughly 6 bales of hay per day, costing $51 a day for hay alone. Would you like to join more loyal supporters and sign up for the Take a Long Ear to Lunch program? You can participate for as little as $1 per month! We will be giving away Save Your Ass shirts to the first three enrollees who commit to at least $20/Monthly.


Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non profit dedicated to rescuing, rehabbing, and rehoming unwanted or neglected donkeys and mules, so none get left behind or go hungry. We were incorperated officially as a 501(c)(3) in 2007 and place between 20 to 40 animals per year into loving homes.

We are currently located in South Acworth NH, but are looking locally for a property to purchase so the rescue can continue to spread its wings, and we can continue to help the long ears in need.

Why Donkeys?

We often hear the phrase, ‘it’s just a donkey’, or ‘I didn’t realize there was a need for donkey rescues’. Donkeys are highly intelligent, sentient beings who bond very strongly with other donkeys and their care takers. Donkeys deserve recognition for their grounding presence, and their therapeutic abilities with people. But unfortunately a lot of them are neglected or sent to kill buyers for their donkey hides.

Donkeys are looked at as less than because it is believed that donkeys can not preform as a horse can, but the truth is, donkeys can do anything a horse can and more! Donkeys are incredibly intelligent and independent, which is often confused for being stubborn. Besides, we don't base the animals worth on what they can do for us, these animals have value because of who they are, we believe they're amazing and deserve love and care.

Because donkeys are so misunderstood, they are frequently neglected due to a lack of awareness of their specific needs as a desert species. We take in countless long ears that need extensive veterinary, farrier, diet care and a lot of TLC. We give the long ears everything we possibly can to ensure they are healthy for adoption and can find loving, deserving homes.

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